Ethical Queries



This is a sceptical analysis platform where I look at contemporary beliefs, trends, misconceptions and more, and dissect them. I will attempt to explain what I perceive them to be and which mistakes I believe are made in the common interpretation of them, in hopes of spreading awareness, and combating ignorance, and highlighting some of the more manipulative interactions commonly used in media and other communication.

I apply a few simple rules in my process of deduction:

Contradictions cannot exist
If a contradiction is perceived, there is an error in perception and/or understanding.

Similarities are meaningless
In many styles of communication, people employ similarities to prove a connection between two entities. However, if you look long enough at any two entities you are bound to find a similarity. I could make an argument of how Walt Disney was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ because of how similar they were, but that doesn't make it true though. To prove something as fact, one uses the process of elimination: you eliminate all possible alternatives until only one possibility remains. A process like that can never be truly completed, humanity isn't omniscient enough to perceive all possibilities in a scenario to be actually able to eliminate all but one, and so an answer can only be made plausible at best.

Perceiving reality and communicating what we perceive can only be done through relativity
Whatever we describe in our efforts to communicate is only done through its relativity with everything else. Just imagine trying to describe your favourite band if there was no other music in the world.

Every cause has an effect, every effect has a cause though which is which is always the question.